MATALAN Christmas

With creative developed collaboratively by Matalan and ITV Adventures and produced by ITN Productions, the hero 60 second commercial is a warm take on a family’s busy run up to Christmas, from day to night. Playing with unpredictable moments that make Christmas what it is, the ad includes all the humour of a school Christmas play, house parties with friends and reaches a crescendo with domestic carnage courtesy of a misbehaving dog.

The commercial went live during the centre break of the X Factor on ITV. 



Production Company: ITN Productions
Acting Director of Advertising Production: Adam Barnett
Head of Creative: Kathryn Dufty
Executive Producer: Stuart Hall
Producer: Noelia Lage
Account Manager: Erin McLean
Director: Matt Carter
Production Managers: Anna Connolly, Claire Lambert, Craig Reynolds
Offline and Online Editor: Rhyss Hall