Sighting's of the BFG in London!

TV Commercials

To build anticipation for the release of Steven Spielberg's new film, Roald Dahl's The BFG, ITN Productions were commissioned as part of ITV Adventures to create a series of three 20" adverts. 

Shot in locations relevant to the film's setting, such as the Thames, and in front of Tower Bridge, these commercials announce the arrival of the BFG in the style of a 'Breaking News' flash. Our intrepid reporter from 'Big News' announces sightings of clues hinting at the presence of a Big friendly Giant in town. Featuring an eyewitness account, eyewitness footage of snozzcumbers and the discovery of a Dream Jar, the commercials are designed to create excitement and delight viewers ahead of the film's release on 22nd July.

Client - EOne Entertainment

Director - Schuman Hoque

Exec Producer - Jemma Cassey

Producer - Noelia Lage

Account Manager - Michaela Fay