'Soham Revisited: 15 Years On' documentary (1)

24 Apr 2017

'Soham Revisited: 15 Years On' documentary

A 90 minute special documentary 'Soham Revisited: 15 Years On' re-examines the events that took place in the quintessential English market town in 2003. 


It was a story that horrified the country. 10 year old best friends Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman left a family BBQ to buy some sweets - but never came home. Just three and a half hours before they were reported missing, Holly’s mum took a photograph of the two happy little girls wearing their beloved Manchester United Shirts. It became a heart breaking image seared into the public consciousness.

After a huge search Ian Huntley, a man they trusted and caretaker at the local school, was arrested and eventually convicted of their murders. This new documentary examines Huntley’s arrest and subsequent trial and conviction by speaking to experts and those who knew him. It looks at the crucial failings that let him get a job close to children and hears from people who helped put him behind bars. His ex-partners reveal the secrets of Huntley's past and his daughter, who never knew the truth about her father, speaks out.

Executive Producers: Ian Rumsey and Andy Dunn

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  • Game on for remote production (1)

    21 Apr 2017

    Game on for remote production

    Broadcast recently interviewed our Director of Sport, Alastair Waddington and our Chief Technology Officer, Bevan Gibson about the capabilities afforded to us by incoming IP-based technologies.

    As host broadcaster for the IAAF World Relays this month we will be expanding our remote production model out to the Bahamas.

    To find out more take a look at the article, click the link below.

  • Industry News - US first launch of the year (1)

    03 Apr 2017

    Industry News - US first launch of the year

    The Industry News team in the United States had their first launch of the year this weekend with ‘A Place for Living’, in partnership with ACHCA (American College of Health Care Administrators). 

    The programme was premiered at the ACHCA 51st Annual Convocation & Exposition in St Louis, Missouri. Things kicked off on Saturday with a short intro and presentation to the board. The programme was then officially launched during the opening session on Sunday, introduced by Cecilia Sepp CAE, President & CEO, ACHA.

    Both the ACHCA and all participants were thrilled with the programme and launch. ‘A Place for Living’ can be viewed below.

  • Industry News shortlisted for the ‘International & European Association Awards’ (1)

    07 Apr 2017

    Industry News shortlisted for the ‘International & European Association Awards’

    Industry News found out this week that they have been shortlisted for a nomination in the ‘Best TV Video Channel category’ for the International & European Association Awards.

    The Awards Ceremony takes place on Wednesday 3rd May in Austria as part of the Associations World Congress on 2 - 4 May.

  • Thursday 'telly take-over' (1)

    10 Apr 2017

    Thursday 'telly take-over'

    This coming Thursday ITN Productions will be taking over your telly's with a programme triple whammy.

    There will be 'On Benefits' at 8pm and Fritzl: What Happened Next' at 10pm on Channel 5. There is also 'Super Orgasm' at 10pm on Channel 4!

  • 'Shannon Matthews: The Mother's Story'

    06 Apr 2017

    'Shannon Matthews: The Mother's Story'

    ‘Shannon Matthews: The mothers story’ is the following instalment to the successful Channel 5 documentary ‘Shannon Matthews: What happened next’.

    It went out last night and will be aired again at 10pm this Sunday on My5.

    Tune in to watch Karen explain her motives for the kidnap of her daughter.

  • ITNP Sport Football Tournament

    11 May 2017

    ITNP Sport Football Tournament

    After years of heartbreak the Sports team were finally crowned champions at this year’s ITNP Sport Football Tournament. 

    All proceeds from the tournament went to the charity Rethink Mental Illness, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, and former Premier League footballer Clarke Carlisle was on hand to present the prize to the winning team, as well as taking the time to referee a few games.

  • 'Going Back, Giving Back' is back!

    18 May 2017

    'Going Back, Giving Back' is back!