To highlight the National Lottery’s role in funding grassroots and professional sports during the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, ITN Productions Advertising produced the 'I am Team GB' campaign. Featuring live action and animation in collaboration with Art&Graft, the campaign was executed across TV, social, print, OOH and POS.

Production: ITN Productions
Executive Producer: Jemma Cassey
Campaign Producer: Jennifer Collins

Creative Director: Mike Moloney
Head of Animation: Clement Bolla
Head of 3D: Martin Salfity
Art Director: Stephen Middleton
Producer: Tom Bromwich
Illustration: Colin Bigelow, Clement Bolla, Stephen Middleton, Guitty Mojabi, Jim Wheeler
Character Animation: Clement Bolla, Ricardo David, Ellie Dupont, Sunil Kumar, Florian Mounie, Vincent Techer
Animation: Clement Bolla, Nicholas Canticus, Joe Maker, Stephen Middleton, Sam Munnings, Martin Salfity, Jim Wheeler
Print Artworker: Stephen Everett

Sound Design: Grand Central Studios

Executive Creative Director: Tony Pipes
Creative Director: Anton Ezer
Campaign Manager: Heena Jivan
Marketing Manager: Natasha Reddy