Murdered by my Fiance

Murdered by my Fiancé

 Exclusive documentary following the investigation into the murder of Helen Bailey, and the conviction of Ian Stewart
Thursday 23 February at 10pm on Channel 5. Executive Producers: Ian Rumsey and Andy Dunn

Following yesterday's conviction of Ian Stewart for the murder of his fiancé Helen Stuart, and today's sentencing of life imprisonment within a minimum of 34 years, ITN Productions exclusive documentary 'Murdered by my Fiancé', airing tonight at 10pm on Channel 5, will explore the twists and turns of this tragic tale.
Author Helen Bailey thought she'd found the perfect ending to her own story when she met Ian Stewart. But this was no fairy-tale romance. The couple seemed to have it all... money, success, a beautiful home, a perfect life... but it was a story that would end in murder. Found in a cesspit under her own home – she was killed by her fiancé who stood to inherit a fortune.
After both losing their partners, they met through a Facebook bereavement group. Ian’s wife had died in 2010, while Helen’s husband of 15 years, John, drowned when they were on holiday in Barbados. Helen had written a blog about her grief, which was turned into a best-selling novel. The book was dedicated to ‘my gorgeous grey-haired widower Ian Stewart: BB, I love you, you are my happy ending.’
Featuring those close to the case, including journalists and Helen's friends, the documentary reveals how Ian’s story unravelled over time. Psychologists and experts analyse key footage of Ian during the investigation to reveal how his behaviour ultimately led to him to be convicted of murder.
It's a true story - that's stranger than fiction.