about news production

Our team of showbiz reporters also attend the biggest entertainment events, interview the hottest stars in film, television and music, and capture the most talked about red carpet moments. This content it accessible to our digital partners in raw rushes for their own teams to edit and our Wi-Fi casting technology allows us to send footage to a cloud platform to be previewed and downloaded by clients during live filming.

All our VOD content is optimised for a digital audience and our team of producers create videos tailored for online and social platforms to boost audience engagement and watch time. These videos are produced with a reporter voice over or graphic on-screen captions.

ITN Productions also supplies livestreams to publishers’ websites or social media channels. Using ITN’s extensive newsgathering capabilities we are able to on pass live footage of the biggest stories and breaking news. This includes planned events such as the recent EU Referendum, for which we did an overnight livestream.

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