Frankie Goes to Russia

Frankie Boyle explores Russia in advance of the World Cup, looking at what lies behind national stereotypes and exploring the country's football culture. In the first episode, he visits the seaside town hosting the England team and a city renowned for football-related violence. He also joins a daredevil motorbike football team, records a world cup rap, and meets the sabre-wielding Cossacks policing the World Cup stadiums.
In part two, Frankie meets Russia's leading football historian in St Petersburg, and has a look round his collection of memorabilia. He attends a Spartak Moscow match in a corporate box, and considers how a team with proud proletarian roots has lost touch with its heritage. He also discovers that street footballers in Russia are able to make ends meet by selling their skills to advertisers, and ventures to a town where locals play a dangerous high-speed version of football on motorbikes.